How to change/delete cache or hibernation partition under diskpart Windows 7.

Recently I wanted to change my hibernation partition size, so I had to delete it and create new one with new size. I have encountered silly problem with deleting hibernate partition. The solution is as follows:

1. Start command line (cmd) as Administrator user.

2. Enter diskpart <enter> to partition manager.

3. list disk <enter>

select disk N <enter> – select Your disk

list partition

select partition N – select Your partition that You want to delete – BE CAREFUL HERE !!!

4. set id=7 or set id=7 overrride if first command fails to chagne partition type to standard partition.

Now You can do whatever You want with this partition using graphical disk manager from windows. If You want to change partition type back to hibernation partition type in set id=84 in step 4.


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