Router + radius + LMS

Router and authorization server project under Blueberry brand are available on this website. It is the property of Blueberry Kacper Nowak company. The author has published this project on the GPL license basis on General Public License. All tutorials and texts on the site and  the post on forum are property of their authors and can not be copied outside domain without their permission. Especially protected intellectual property are script files placed in the  /etc/www_vberry_net and /var/www folders and all packaged with deb extension in its name. This project can be used in commercial and non commercial way. It is forbidden to modify and publish any of the components outside domain.

High performance linux router with optional LMS web panel and radius server in 5 minutes.

  1. Install debian system 7(wheeze) or 6 (squeeze).
  2. Install router software. How to do this is explained under this link.
  3. Forum where You can ask questions and make suggestions.


Web site of the web panel – LMS can be found here: