I. The agri-food processing.

  • Flour mixing/storage facility in Dobre near Radziejów;
  • Wheat mill Dobre near Radziejów;
  • Rye mill Dobre near Radziejów;
  • Corn Mill Siechnice 300 t/d;
  • Mill Przyłęk 100 t/d;
  • Mill Dębowy grove 100 t/d;
  • Cross Mill near Boleslawiec 50 t/d;
  • Mill Komorowice near Bielsko-Biala 120 t/d;
  • Mill Szczepocice near Radom 40 t/d;
  • Mill Krzeszyce near Gorzow Wielkopolski 40 t/d;
  • New Mill Country Riverine 80 t/d;
  • Mill Rye Gostyn 40 t/d;
  • Mill Przeworno 60 t/d;
  • Modernization in the Warka brewery;
  • Modernization in Piast brewery in Wroclaw;
  • Construction of unloading crane (ie TRANSMEC) on the waterfront in the Indian BTZ-list port of Gdynia (subcontractor’s „SANGATI BERGA).

II. Public utilities.

  • Computer network at the premises of the SCC Delegate Wroclaw;
  • Computer network at the premises of the SCC Delegate Gdańsk;
  • A comprehensive exchange of power grid and electrical installation and implementation of computer network, telephone and burglary – the Faculty of Geodesy of the Regional Office in Wroclaw;
  • European Leasing Fund headquarters in Wrocław;
  • Laboratory of Water and Sewage Treatment IMGW in Wroclaw.