Howto make power led not blinking in sleep mode.


recently I have bought asrock H97 chipset motherboard. What is strange for me manufacturer has changed default power led behaviour. I have good night led option:

  • enabled/auto – power led is off – equal to unplugging led
  • disabled – power led is on when pc is on, led is blinking when in sleep mode

There is no classic option:

  • led on when PC on
  • led off when PC off/hibernating/sleep mode

Blinking can be really irytating, therefore i have decided to change it. To do that one must get moley plug (like old type hdd power plug). Now from red wire (+5V) connect power thru 150 ohm resistor to + plug of power led. Black wire connect to – plug of power led. That is it. Now power led is off when PC is off and on when PC is on.

Good Luck!

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