Presented mill automation system is based on PLC controller, which controls logic operation and the state of every single machine. The Operator controls production process with SCADA software running on the PC computer. In case of an emergency situation (when the PC is unavailable), every machine can be started and stopped using the simple text operator panel.

Software and hardware used in described configuration:

  • PLC – Siemens S7-300 with Profibus DP and IO modules,
  • SCADA visualization – InTouch 9.0 on PC system with raid controller and two LCD screens,
  • Operator panel – Siemens OP17.

PC system abilities:

  • start/stop/pause technology line with one click (automatic mode) – machines start in appropriate order preserving dependencies,
  • start/stop every single machine with two clicks (service mode),
  • password protected access for operator and service – operator has permissions to work in automatic mode and service user can start machine manually,
  • adding and removing allowed machines to working technology line without interrupting production process – all dependencies and delays are preserved
  • view events history,
  • security behavior in case of machine failure – appropriate machines are stopped immediately, technology line switches pause and alarm is trigged,
  • acknowledge alarm state,
  • full  knowledge about situation in the industrial facility – machines states are presented with appropriate color,
  • nice and intuitive graphic, to present machine position and state in the system,
  • easy remote access using laptop/palmtop/netbook connected to internal wireless network.

Machine presentation style (example – Roller mill):

Roller mill off state Roller mill on state Roller mill service state Roller mill error state
OFF state ON state SERVICE ON state ERROR state