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vzdump vzrestore – Backup and restore of the openvz container

To backup: vzdump –compress –dumpdir /backupDir –stop 200 where 200 – vid number of Your openvz container (virtual machine)   To restore: vzrestore your_backup_file_name.tgz 507 where 507 – vid number of Your new restored openvz container

Proxmox openvz virtualization on 32 bit system in 5 minutes

First we install debian lenny. There is many howtos in this topic, so I will assume that it`s done. Now on fresh debian minimal install we add to /etc/apt/source.list as below: deb ./ Then issue: apt-get update aptitude install proxmox-ve ntp ssh lvm2 Then we accept and agree to every aptitude suggestion. At this […]

How to check virtualization (KVM, proxmox) capabilities under linux ?Jak sprawdzić możliwość wirtualizacji (KVM, proxmox) pod linuxem ?

Many times I was wondering how to check if a machine is kvm capable ? It’s simple as described in kvm faq: Wiele razy zastanawiałem się, jak sprawdzić, czy maszyna ma możliwości pełnej wirtualizacji KVM? To proste, jak opisano w faq kvm: