Watch it in any case.

Przeblysk.Wiecznosci.PL.XviD-BM.avi  – polish lector A Glimpse of Eternity By Ian McCormack – english version   True story.

SCP file copy over ssh

Quick command: scp <filename> user@<ip address of remote>:<target dir> example: scp MyLocalFile.tgz RemoteUser@RemoteServer:.   will copy file MyLocalFile.tgz  to home dir of user RemoteUser at RemoteServer Copy whole directory: scp -r /home/mydir RemoteUser@RemoteServer:.

Proxmox openvz virtualization on 32 bit system in 5 minutes

First we install debian lenny. There is many howtos in this topic, so I will assume that it`s done. Now on fresh debian minimal install we add to /etc/apt/source.list as below: deb ./ Then issue: apt-get update aptitude install proxmox-ve ntp ssh lvm2 Then we accept and agree to every aptitude suggestion. At this […]

Debian squeeze inotify udev problem solution

If You cannot boot after system upgrade from Debian Lenny to Squeeze, You are using custom kernel and You can see on of these message: udevd[518]: inotify_init failed: Function not implemented udevd[518]: error initializing inotify Then probably You must check following options in your kernel config file : File systems —> [*] Dnotify support [*] […]

Dynamic DNS Update – Mikrotik

Simple script for dynamic DNS update is presented below. Script was tested with service and probably works for similar services too. This script works also behind NAT connection. To make it run automatically one must add this script to system scheduler. NOTICE: On every test script writes small file to a hard drive. One […]

Change ‚Home’ link in menu wordpress 3 – function wp_nav_menu()

To change Home link in WordPress menu you can use the simple filter (in this example we use defaut theme „twentyten”): 1. Turn off echoing in function wp_nav_menu. To do this open file functions.php ,which is located in your theme folder. Find proper line with wp_nav_menu function parameters and add new argument echo => false; […]

Apache self signed SSL certyficateGenerowanie certyfikatu „self-signed” dla apacha

It`s necessary very often to encrypt traffic to some web site, but we don`t want use certyficate center or create our own certyfication center. In this case the fastest and most convienient way is to generate self-signed certyficate. We do this as follows: openssl genrsa -out 1024 openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -key […]

Sending mail under linux console – mail commandWysyłanie poczty pod konsolą linuxa – komenda mail

From time to time you want to send yourself a file from the server. A convenient method is to send a file using email. Of course, this is done so rarely that I never remember the syntax:) Here’s an example how to send mail with content of the script (text file): mail -s „subject” […]

Linux system copy over network using tar and sshKopiowanie systemu linux przez sieć przy pomocy ssh i tar

We assume that on the machine root@address, we have mounted hard disk under /mnt/dest (it is the target machine, which we copy the operating system to). I assume that we are logged in to the source system (which we copy the operating system from). We  copy one directory after another, the entire operating system. Command […]

How to check virtualization (KVM, proxmox) capabilities under linux ?Jak sprawdzić możliwość wirtualizacji (KVM, proxmox) pod linuxem ?

Many times I was wondering how to check if a machine is kvm capable ? It’s simple as described in kvm faq: Wiele razy zastanawiałem się, jak sprawdzić, czy maszyna ma możliwości pełnej wirtualizacji KVM? To proste, jak opisano w faq kvm: